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Kingdom Rush Frontiers 1.6

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 1.6 Download


More heroes join the tower fight


Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a TD (Tower Defense) game in which you will have to set the strategy for stopping hordes of enemies that want to destroy your base. Created by Ironhide Game Studio, the game follows the same path as the previous game, adding more content to download, zombie attacks and hordes of dreadful monsters. Pick your heroes and start the battle against the evil forces of King Xyzzy.

The gameplay of this mobile title does not differ too much from other similar games of the genre. The main objective is to defeat all kinds of creatures that come out from different sources, and for doing that you will have to build towers along the way. These towers will be your main damage source so build them as soon as possible to get rid of all your foes. As long as the game continues the enemies will grow in number and strength, and to fight them back you will need to upgrade your structures with the resources you get from defeating them.

The visual part of this release presents a charming full-bodied voice-over cartoon aspect with effects that match up with its graphics. The modelling of the creatures, far from from being fearful, is very funny making even evil dark forces seem very charming. The different levels represent areas such as desert, wasteland, snowed mines and even the source of all evil in the Darkligh Depths, The Dark Tower. Each one of these zones includes different kinds of baddies like zombies, shamans, man-eating plants and even giant bosses like Moloch the demon and Vasile the vampire.

Upgrade and get more useful items for the game
Upgrade and get more useful items for the game

Gameplay aspects

Unlike other tower defense games, in Kingdom Rush Frontiers you can summon your own heroes for fighting back against the creatures that roam on your ways. These heroes have additional skills that make them fearsome such as summoning sand warriors for Alric the Champion or the shadow dance for Mirage the Assassin. The gameplay doesn’t depend much on the hero you choose, but it is easier with purchase-only champions since they have much higher stats than the free ones. Additionally you can upgrade their abilities according to their level for causing more damage.

In Kingdom Rush Frontiers you can summon your own heroes for fighting back against the creatures that roam on your ways

The player also has different spells that can be used during the game. Amongst these, you can find a destructive fire rain,call for reinforcements to add more allied soldiers to your battle and a lightning bolt to fulminate the most powerful enemies. These spells help to set your strategy depending on the stage and the foes you face up against. The new content justifies the download of this release, with new towers beyond the imagination like the Battle-Mecha T200 or the Archmage Tower among the Crossbow Fort and the Knights Templar.

Use your hero skills for defeating the enemy army
Use your hero skills for defeating the enemy army

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 1.6 Features

Check the features for Kingdom Rush Frontiers:

  • Choose from among the free available heroes with more to download and their abilities to upgrade once they level up on the battle
  • Blast your enemies with your player spells and the different skills of your heroes
  • Upgrade your towers even further with new specializations like Necromancers, Crossbow Forts or Earthquake Machines
  • More than 40 different enemy classes like zombie armies or Saurian Deathcoils and powerful bosses that awaits the opportunity for taking you down
  • Over 70 achievements on more than 20 different stages with several settings for your strategy plan
  • Three different game modes (iron, classic and heroic) and three difficulty levels to choose from, according to your skills

For more information about this release, be free to visit the official game’s website.

System Requirements

Here are listed the specifications for your device to run Kingdom Rush Frontiers:

  • Operating System: Android version 4.0 or later, iOS 4.3 or later
  • Size: 254MB for Android and 378 MB free space for iOS